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Surf Breaks punta mita

Surf Breaks in Punta Mita and Surrounding Area

Known as the Mexican Malibu, Punta de Mita and the surrounding area offers world class surfing and has over 20 breaks to choose from. The warm water and the variety of breaks make it the perfect destination for beginners and experts alike. La Quinta del Sol is located right in front of the local break known as Stinky’s and is a short walk, boat ride or drive to many of the other fantastic surf spots.


Distance from hotel:  right in front, you can check out the waves from your balcony
Type:  Longboard, right
Quality:   beginner or longboard break, slow and long
More Info:  Mellow with few surfers in the water, great SUP wave. With large swells, you can get long rights with some fast sections for short boarders

El Anclote

Distance from hotel:  5 min walk down the beach, you can check out the waves from the roof top deck
Type:  longboard, right
Quality:  beginner break, slow and long
More Info:  consistent wave of 1-3 ft, great SUP wave, beware of rocky bottom on low tide, aka Little Waikiki

El Faro aka The Point

Distance from hotel:  45 min walk or 5 min boat ride, you can check out the waves from the rooftop deck
Type:  Longboard, shortboard, right point break
Quality:  Nice righthander that gives long rides when breaking, up to 2 minutes with fast hollow sections, works best with off shore winds
More Info:  rarely crowded, watch for rocks and sea urchins when going in too close to shore

La Bahia aka The Cove

Distance from hotel:   7 min boat ride around the point or 1 hr walk
Type:  longboard and shortboard, right and left
Quality:  steeper wave, excellent right and fast, snappy lefts, best with mild, offshore wind but can get blown out if too windy
More Info:  great wave where you can avoid the crowds due to more difficult access by boat

La Lancha

Distance from hotel:  7 min by car,10 min by boat, 45 min walk along beach, you can see the waves with our binoculars from the rooftop deck
Type:  Shortboard and longboard. Left and right.
Quality:  most consistent wave in the area, better at incoming or outgoing tide
More Info:  if coming by car, need to pass through private gates, which are only open 7am – 6:30 pm.

Punta Burros

Distance from hotel:  10 min by car, 15 min by boat
Type:  Shortboard and longboard. Left and right.
Quality:  consistent wave that breaks a little steeper than La Lancha. Favorite of many locals. When big, there’s a smaller left to the right of the main break.
More Info:  if coming by car, will need to park and walk down a very cool jungle path, can become crowded.

La Alberca aka Pools

Distance from hotel:  13 min by car, 10 mins walk south of Burros
Type:  shortboard, right point break
Quality:  Steep, fast right, inconsistent but can be insane
More Info:  Can be treacherous at low tide with rocks and sea urchins, definitely a more advanced wave


Distance from hotel:  15 min by car, 20 min by boat, one mile south of Pools
Type:  Long or short board. Point break, long right
Quality:  Excellent wave with some fast, hollow sections. Pitches when wind is offshore.
More:  Aka, Dinsosaurs. Just to the south is an inconsistent, fun beach break with steep left and right peak, for shortboard only.

Getting To and From Surf Breaks

Some of the local breaks here in Punta de Mita, such as Stinky’s and El Anclote, are within walking distance from the hotel, however some are more easily accessible by car or boat.   If you are planning on doing a lot of surfing, we recommend renting a car to get to some of the further breaks.  We can also organize a local panga to take you to some of the breaks only accessible by boat.  If there are other surfers staying at the hotel, we try to introduce them so they can share the cost of a boat.

What our Happy Guests Have to Say:

"My first stay at La Quinta del Sol was in March of was the most awesome experience...since then I've come back to stay 5 more of these trips I stayed for 18 days...just couldn't go home."

"Nothing short of amazing. Several times during our stay, we found ourselves saying, "Why did we ever stay anywhere else?! This is our hotel for all future trips!"

"This place does it right! The service, hospitality, and charm is outstanding! We stayed for four days, wished it was longer. We will definitely be back to this hotel as soon as we can."

"Fantastic hotel, centrally located next to town and close to surf breaks. Hotel La Quinta Del Sol lives up to the hype. This hotel's been on my hit list for at least a year as it made previous TripAdvisor hidden gem nominations in best of."

“Magnificent Management, Luscious Location, Ravishing Rooms and Beautiful Bathrooms! If you
haven't been, simply go... you'll long to return. It's that sort of place."

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